Nowadays, it is increasingly necessary to move to a new constructive model based on renewable materials that can be extracted from nature. This goal in turn implies a commitment to responsible exploitation and consumption so as not to affect the same mistakes of the past. This is the goal wooden chalet for sale in france. Many now see in the wood a possible way to move in this direction and it becomes necessary to spread knowledge about this material to know how to understand, treat and use it with respect.


Regulation around wood

The international organization FSC Forest Stewardship Council brings together both wood-consuming companies and timber trading companies, as well as representatives of environmental organizations concerned with deforestation and environmental degradation. Its Spanish headquarters decided in early 2017 to bring together a group of companies and architects with the aim of eliminating some of the myths associated with the use of wood in construction. After several meetings with industry leaders, a national survey was developed for architects and other professionals. Two opinion groups were organized, one composed of experts and the other of consumers.

As a result, it was decided to gather all the information in a book that would answer the questions asked by professionals and citizens. In this sense, they decided to publish two different texts: a manual with technical prescriptions for professionals and a more informative guide for ordinary citizens.


The manual

The manual is structured in three different parts. The first deals with the issue of sustainability of wood in construction, taking into account its life cycle, its ecological footprint and its contribution to improving the conditions resulting from climate change. The second deals with tropical timber issues and the use of lesser known commercial species. The third includes a set of technical knowledge necessary for wood construction.

The guide begins with one of the most interesting points for consumers, the economic difference between building systems. It compares the price of wood with other conventional elements such as concrete or steel. It also discusses the benefits of building with this material, with a focus on sustainability, and collects information on other related topics such as certification or deforestation risks.







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